About Us

Global Leader in Positive Displacement Pumping Solutions

Problem Solving Expertise

  • Strong knowledge of industrial pump applications and products that meet or exceed your expectations.
  • Product customization to handle virtually any application through an experienced and specialized engineering team.
  • Quality Control and extensive testing across all finished products to ensure superior quality.

Available Services

  • Full product testing - certified performance, certified hydro, pneumatic, NPSHr, sound, and vibration testing.
  • Liquid sample analysis - rheology testing and elastomeric compatibility.
  • Additional testing - magnetic particle, dye penetrant, traceability, and positive material identification.

Application & Support

  • Local application support from authorized distributors across the globe with extensive inventories of pumps and parts.
  • List of 1400+ liquids pumped allows for comparison of the best pumps and materials for your liquid.
  • Customer solutions group of application, sales, and design engineers develops unique pumping solutions for both OEM manufacturers and pump end users with special requirements.

Quality Manufacturing

  • Vertically integrated production process, from raw materials to finished product.
  • ISO 9001:2015 quality standards, using Six-Sigma and Lean Kaizen tools.
  • Global manufacturing footprint in the Americas, Europe, and Asia

Sales and Service Expertise

  • Over 245 authorized distributors in 68 countries to provide application support and service
  • Our pumps are found in over 200 countries and on all seven continents
  • Multi-million dollar distributor inventories for quick solutions
  • Broad range of product offerings to address all customer needs