Viking Pump is the leader in internal gear innovation and the latest development is the patented O-Pro® Seal technology. O-Pro® Seals utilize a series of O-rings to create a robust seal and lubrication chamber, all in one. The O-Pro® Barrier seal functions as both a seal and bracket bushing; while the O-Pro® Cartridge & Guard seals are simple retrofit options. Our O-Pro Seal® Technology is a perfect solution for difficult applications such as chocolate, inks, paints, molasses, edible oils, corn syrup, honey, lube oil, grease, asphalt, wax, resins, starch, fats, isocyanates, adhesives and many more! Contact our experts for more information.


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Functions as Both a Seal and Bracket Bushing

  • Machined seal gland replaces packing or mechanical seal by occupying the internal bracket cavity 
  • Utulizes O-rings to seal externally on the bracket and internally on the shaft

Upgraded and Reliable Sealing Solution

  • Applies a combination of O-Rings and lubricating fluid to prevent process fluid from leaking
  • Contains lubrication between the shaft and bushing to reduce wear

Robust Design

  • Double O-Rings stop process fluids from entering the bracket and leaking
  • Back-pull-out bracket bushing for ease of seal replacement
  • Made of hardened cast iron

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