Glycol Dehydration

Viking pumps are used in Gas Dehydration.

Triethylene Glycol is used as a liquid desiccant to remove the water from natural gas. The hot glycol is injected into the gas pipeline at high pressures to dehydrate the natural gas coming out of the ground. 

Features and Benefits

Trusted Viking Pump External Gear Design

  • Fewer moving wear components
  • Smooth flow with no pulsation dampening equipment required

Fixed Precision Clearances

  • Enhanced thermal capabilities for easier start-up
  • Higher overall temperature rating improves tolerance for unplanned system changes

All Pumps Wet Tested

  • State of the art testing equipment used to confirm performance prior to shipment

Hardened Internals

  • Increase pressure capabilities, extend service life and minimize wear

Mechanical Seal

  • Less susceptible to leakage and easy in-field replacement

Multiple Drive Configurations

  • Jaw type coupling eliminates the mess and maintenance of an oil bath
  • Motor mounted for easy drop-in replacement

Optional Head Support

  • Pump can be plumbed using hard or flexible pipe

GL-41009 Pump & Motor Unit

GL-41009 Pump & Motor Unit

GL-41026 Double Pump

GL-41026 Double Pump

Performance Chart

Model Ports Flow rate at 1200 PSI (1750 RPM) on 8 cPs TEG Flow rate at 1200 PSI (1750 RPM) on 8 cPs TEG Max. Continuous Pressure Max. Rec. Temperature Approximate Shipping Weight
Ductile Iron Inch GPM GPH PSI Deg. F Lbs
GL-40758 1" NPT 4 240 1500 350 17
GL-40782 1" NPT 5 300 1500 350 18
GL-40712 1" NPT 8.5 510 1500 350 25
GL-41009 2" SAE 11 660 1500 350 37
GL-41013 2" SAE 17 1020 1500 350 61
GL-41018 2" SAE 23 1380 1500 350 72
GL-41026 2" SAE 35 2100 1500 350 85
GL-41039 2" SAE 54 3240 1500 350 110



The Viking Pump Advantage

  • With over 105 years of experience providing positive displacement pumping solutions, Viking Pump has a long history of providing engineered solutions for tough applications
  • Dedicated sales specialists are supported by a team of customer service representatives and engineers
  • Knowledgeable team of application engineers available to help with product selection and technical support
  • USA based company with vertically integrated manufacturing process

All Pumps Factory Tested

State of the art testing equipment used to confirm performance prior to all shipments.

All Pumps Tested

Test Lab

Our world-class lab gives Viking the ability to test its glycol pump designs across a range of relevant variables.

Test Lab

Vertical Integration Process

Viking Pump operates two foundries, a 250,000+ sq. ft. machining, assembly and testing center, and an extensive product engineering and testing lab in its world headquarters in Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA. This level of vertical integration ensures maximum quality, ability to satisfy special needs, and to meet project schedules.

Vertically Integrated


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Steve Kettner
National Sales Director
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