High Pressure Pumps

The ABEL® HP is equipped to meet specific requirements of high pressure cleaning applications with features such as the ABEL® directional flow valve and can also be found in the oil and gas and food industries. The ABEL® HPT has proven durability in numerous applications and is extrmemly beneficial for mobile operations as it is built in mobile turnkey containers. These pump models are ideal for Filter Cloth Washing, Gland Seal Water, and Transfer. More information below. 


  • Max Flow Rate Per Minute: HP: 28 m³/h (123 GPM)
  • Max Pressure: HP: 16.0 MPa (2300 PSI)
  • Max Flow Rate Per Minute: HPT: 50 m³/h (220 GPM)
  • Max Pressure: HPT: 25.0 MPa (3625 PSI)
ATEX Design Available
HP/HPT Brochure
  • https://abelpumps.com/wp-content/uploads/ABEL_HP_HPT_Plunger_Pumps_GB_web_02_2021.pdf#
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HP Performance Sheet
  • https://abelpumps.com/wp-content/uploads/HP_Performancechart_02_2021.pdf
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HPT Performance Sheet
  • https://abelpumps.com/wp-content/uploads/HPT_Performancechart_02_2020.pdf
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