Testing Services

Viking Pump will assist in combining our application expertise with your pump needs to make sure the best pump has been selected for the application.

Certified Hydrostatic Testing

  • Hydrostatic testing ensures that your pump will not leak at or beyond your application pressure.  These tests are performed using fuel oil or non-petroleum test fluid.
  • Test condition is at 1.5x the maximum operating pressure or 250 PSI (whichever is greater).
  • Pressure and duration may be changed to meet customer specification.
  • Pneumatic testing is also available.

Certified Performance Testing

  • Factory testing to ensure your Viking pump meets your flow requirements. These tests are performed using state of the art dynamometers and data gathering software. These tests can be performed on a variety of liquids to best duplicate your unique conditions of service.
  • 6 dynamometers through 150 HP
  • Oils, solvent, water and other test fluids
  • Witnessed testing available

Liquid Sample Analysis

Viking Pump provides viscosity, corrosion, and abrasion testing of customer liquids.  A printed report of viscosity characteristics and general recommendations for a Viking pump to handle the liquid are provided.

Material Traceability

Need verification of the materials in your pump? Viking can provide traceability from casting to finished product.